Oat flour bread machine recipe is a healthier option for bread recipes. With its increased nutritional value, improved texture and flavor, and gluten-free option, it’s no wonder oat flour is becoming a popular choice for homemade bread. However, using oat flour in a bread machine requires some adjustments to achieve the perfect loaf.

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Benefits of Using Oat Flour in Bread Machine Recipes

Increased Nutritional Value

Oat flour is a whole grain, which means it contains all three parts of the grain – the bran, germ, and endosperm. This makes it a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which can help improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and promote overall health. By swapping out some or all of the white flour in your bread machine recipe with oat flour, you’ll be adding more nutritional value to your bread.

Improved Texture and Flavor

It also has a unique texture that can add a chewy and hearty quality to your bread, making it more satisfying and filling. Using oat flour in your bread machine recipe can also help improve the overall texture and moisture content of your bread.

Gluten-Free Option

For those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, oat flour can be a great alternative to wheat flour. While oats themselves don’t contain gluten, they are often processed in facilities that also process wheat, which can lead to cross-contamination. However, certified gluten-free oat flour is widely available and can be used in bread machine recipes to create delicious gluten-free bread.

How to Adjust Bread Machine Settings for Oat Flour

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Step-by-step guide on how to adjust bread machine settings for oat flour

  • Firstly, measure out the oat flour correctly using a kitchen scale or a measuring cup.
  • Then, mix it well with other dry ingredients such as salt and yeast. In a separate container, whisk the wet ingredients like water, honey, and oil.
  • Combine the wet and dry ingredients thoroughly and add the mixture to the bread machine pan.
  • Next, select the whole wheat or whole grain setting on your bread machine, which allows for a longer rise time, giving your bread a chance to rise completely.
  • Also, ensure that you adjust the crust setting to your preferred choice, either light, medium or dark.
  • Finally, add some additional gluten or a tablespoon of vinegar to help the bread rise better. Follow these steps, and you’ll have perfect oat flour bread every time.

Tips and Tricks for Achieving Perfect Consistency and Texture when Using Oat Flour in Bread Machine Recipes

  • Firstly, ensure that you use the right amount of liquid, as oat flour tends to require more liquid than other flours.
  • Secondly, consider using a combination of oat flour and all-purpose flour, which will give your bread a lighter texture.
  • Also, try adding some gluten or a tablespoon of vinegar to the mix to help with the rise.
  • Finally, avoid over-mixing the dough, as it can lead to a tough, chewy texture.

Variations of Oat Flour Bread Machine Recipes to Try

Cinnamon Raisin Oat Flour Bread

For a sweet and spicy twist on traditional oat flour bread, try adding cinnamon and raisins to your recipe. This combination creates a deliciously aromatic and flavorful bread that is perfect for breakfast or as a snack. Add a drizzle of honey or a smear of butter to really bring out the flavor.

Multigrain Oat Flour Bread

For a heartier and more nutritious bread, try adding a variety of grains and seeds to your oat flour bread machine recipe. Some great options include flaxseed, chia seeds, quinoa, and bulgur. These ingredients add crunch, texture, and a wealth of nutritional benefits to your bread.

Savory Oat Flour Bread

If you prefer your bread on the savory side, try adding herbs and spices to your oat flour bread machine recipe. Some great options include rosemary, thyme, garlic powder, and onion powder. You can also add cheese, olives, or sun-dried tomatoes for a delicious and satisfying bread that is perfect for sandwiches or as a side dish.


Oat flour is a versatile and nutritious ingredient that can take your bread-making game to the next level. With the guidance of Peggy Ann Bakery‘s expert bakers, you can experiment with different ingredients and flavors to create unique and delicious oat flour breads. From sweet and spicy to savory and hearty, the possibilities are endless. So, if you’re looking to add more variety and nutrition to your bread baking, give oat flour a try and seek inspiration from Peggy Ann Bakery to unlock your full baking potential.

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