In the field of making cakes or preparing drinks, fresh cream is an indispensable ingredient. However, the preparation of whipped cream requires skill and preparation time. With the desire to help chefs and food lovers can enjoy fresh ice cream without spending too much time and effort, manufacturers have launched fresh cream spray – a product convenient products that meet the needs of consumers.

Fresh cream spray is actually whipping cream that is packaged and preserved in the form of a spray. When you need to use, simply shake the ice cream bottle, place the spray head on your food or drink and press the button to remove the ice cream. With such a simple and convenient use, spray fresh cream is the perfect choice for those who do not have the time and skills to make fresh ice cream.

1. Fresh cream spray

If you’re a cake lover or work in the barista industry, you’ve probably heard of spray-on whipped cream – a popular and essential product line. The whipped cream spray can help you make beautiful and delicious desserts easily and quickly.

The whipped cream dispenser can be used to create ice creams, sauces, or mixed drinks. This saves you time and effort in the mixing process, and helps you focus on other stages of the baking process. In addition, coffee shops, milk tea shops, restaurants and bars often use spray fresh cream to serve their customers.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from different types of cream sprayers with different volumes and materials. Currently, there are two main types of materials used to produce fresh cream sprayers: aluminum and stainless steel.

Aluminum spray cans are a popular choice because of their low cost and ease of use. They are lightweight and portable, making their use a breeze. However, because they are made of aluminum, they can be less durable than stainless steel. If you are looking for an economical and easy to use solution, the aluminum sprayer is the right choice.

2. Should you use spray fresh cream?

Fresh cream sprays are becoming a popular choice in preparing drinks and decorating desserts. This is a product that saves you time and effort in whipping cream, and also helps you achieve higher efficiency in the preparation process.

Instead of having to whip each bowl of ice cream and put it in a piping bag, the whipped cream dispenser makes it easy to create just the right amount of ice cream for each drink or dessert. This saves you time and effort, especially in cafes or milk tea shops with a large number of customers.

This product also helps baristas become more professional in making drinks, when the cream is sprayed evenly and beautifully, creating a better beauty and quality of drinks. Fresh cream spray also ensures food hygiene and safety, giving you peace of mind to use without worrying about hygiene.

The product is made of stainless steel and has high durability, helping users save costs and easily maintain the product. In addition, this product also ensures the standards of taste and beauty, giving you a wonderful and attractive beverage mixing experience.

3. Cheap fresh cream spray

Whipped cream emborg spray fresh cream bottle 250ml

Emborg fresh cream spray is a product from the Belgian brand of the same name. Made from 100% pure fresh milk, this product is safe to use as it is caffeine and halal free. The ice cream has a fatty, greasy taste and the natural aroma of milk, light flavor so it does not cause an odor to the ingredients when decorating.

Currently, Emborg offers cream spray bottles with a capacity of 250ml. The spray bottle has a dominant charcoal purple color with a white bottom and cap, making the product look luxurious and classy. However, to avoid buying fake goods, you need to pay attention to choose products from reputable and guaranteed dealers.

Emborg ice cream spray products help you save time and effort in preparing drinks and decorating dishes. In particular, the product is made of stainless material, ensuring high durability and easy maintenance. The product also meets the standards of palatability, beauty and food safety and hygiene, giving you peace of mind when using it.

Paysan Breton Fresh Cream Spray 250g

Paysan Breton is a milk cream made from fresh cow’s milk, with moderate fat (20%). Produced from pure cow’s milk, the product does not contain sugar and has a characteristic rich taste.

Unlike regular ice cream, Paysan Breton does not need to use a machine or a whisk to create firmness. Instead, the product is packaged in a milk cream spray and just shaken 3 to 4 times in an up and down direction, the cream will be solid in the cotton and ready to use immediately.

With the ability to melt quickly in the mouth and moderate fat, Paysan Breton is a great choice for lovers of sweet milk flavors. At the same time, the absence of sugar is also an advantage for those who want to reduce their daily sugar consumption.